Matter of the Moment

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27 October – 2013

The Matter of the Moment at the moment is our STICKERS. Distributed for free at our launch night in the Twisted Pepper on October 16th last, we’ve been spotting them around Dublin. Send in a photo if you spot one yourself.

September – 2013 

Another Reason to Celebrate Over-the-Counter Emergency Contraception: It Helps Reduce Stigma

New sexual health clinic for young people – James’ street hospital (D8)


Help us out!
We’re busy at Re(al)-Productive Health HQ


“What’s this all about?”

This part of the site can probably be best described as the ‘Miscellaneous’ section. This is where we post anything and everything. Interesting articles, interesting videos, something you’ve noticed in your local city/town, an article/video/photo that has really annoyed you/made you laugh, etc. Feel free to e-mail us with anything you like.*

*The only exception is gifs of cute cats. There’s quite enough of that on the internet.


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