Map your MAP (Morning After Pill)

In April 2011, emergency hormonal contraception, levonorgestrel, known here as NorLevo, became available over the counter in pharmacies. No more waiting in the doctor’s office, no more appointment fees. In terms of increasing our reproductive and sexual freedom, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. But we want to know what you think.

  • Is it still embarrassing to go the pharmacy and ask for the morning after pill?
  • How did the pharmacist react to your request? How did you feel in that situation?
  • Did you have to engage in a consultation with the pharmacist? Did the pharmacist have any objection to giving you the morning after pill?
  • Was the pill expensive?

These are all questions many around Ireland may need answers to. Help others in their reproductive choices. Let us know your thoughts.

Please click on ‘View Larger Map’ – this way the content loads quicker and you can view MAP experiences already uploaded.

Submit your MAP experience:

To view other MAP experiences:

1) Simply click on the pins right here on the page! Zoom in, or click ‘View Larger Map’ to view their location in greater detail.

Green pin = MAP available

Red pin = MAP unavailable

Disclaimer: Any information contained in this page does not seek to libel or defame individual pharmacists but is aimed at helping individuals to access a safe legal drug on request. Experiences documented reflect real stories received by Re(al)-Productive Health. Please get in touch if you would like more info at: 


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