Positive Experiences

Story 1:

“I took the morning after pill as a precaution as I was on a course of antibiotics, which reduces the effectiveness of the contraceptive pill. My pharmacist was male. I received no judgement, it was a very simple and relaxed experience. I was treated as an intelligent, well informed woman, who I suppose ‘was doing the right thing’ considering the circumstances.”

Story 2:

“I felt nervous and a bit embarrassed to have to ask for it but the main pharmacist who is male, was really nice, did not ask any questions, gave me the prescription and told me how to take it. He was not at all judgemental and very professional.”

Story 3:

“I went in all nervous after it was my first time, I asked the women at the counter and she was really nice about it.  She brought me into a separate room and talked to me about it.  Explained to side effects and advised me to go onto the pill if i was going to be sexually active.  Not once did I feel like she was judging me and she made me feel like it was the right choice”

Story 4:

“Prior to entering the pharmacy, my main emotion was worry. Within the pharmacy I was ok, the pharmacist explained that the MAP must be taken within 72 hours and he explained the % effectiveness after each 24 hour period etc. The experience was not unpleasant. The pharmacist was professional and matter of fact, which I appreciated. Although the pill didn’t work, I’m now the proud mother of a beautiful three month old boy!”

Story 5:

“No issues at all, asked to speak to pharmacist (male) in same medical hall as my doctor, was brought to the private consultation area, I was asked some medical questions. No issues whatsoever, pharmacist was professional, friendly and aware of what meds I was on as its the pharmacy I use all the time. Positive eperience, I felt in no way awkward or embarrassed.”

Story 6: 

“I was very nervous going to the pharmacy, I had never had to take the MAP before luckily. When I went into Boots I was apprehensive, I wasn’t sure where to go or who to talk too and didn’t want everyone in the shop to know either! I have to say though it was a really positive experience. The pharmacist was lovely and although I did have to go through a consultation with her before she would provide the pill, the questions were not too intrusive and her manner was very supportive. I think I was lucky to have such a positive experience with it, especially when some close friends have had the opposite.”

Story 7:

“I was quite nervous going in and felt somewhat embarrassed prior to asking for emergency contraception. However, the staff were very helpful and non-judgemental. Consultation was straightforward, as were the directions given for using the Morning After pill. Overall experience was positive.”

Story 8:

“They were great,I just filled out a form and they got me a glass of water. They left me to look after myself which I liked because I have had an experience before where I was almost lectured on how unsafe it is to have unprotected sex (which I already know). I am leaving a review because they only charged me 15 euro which I was really surprised about as the previous time I paid at least 30 or 40.”


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