Story 1:

€40 was ridiculous

‘I was overjoyed when I heard the morning after pill was becoming available over the counter in Ireland for €9.99, so imagine my surprise when I rang Boots to ask them how much it would cost and I was informed it would cost €40 because of the consultation that would go along with receiving the pill. I asked would the consultation be with a doctor and was informed ‘no’. I asked could I be refused and they said ‘unless on specific medictions, no’. I told Boots to forget it –  €40 was ridiculous.

Eventually found a local pharmacist selling for €20 . She was helpful, consultation was quick and private(ish) behind a screen wall built into a corner of the shop. I was thirty at the time so it was not an emotional experience. I lived in Cork at the time so accessibility wasn’t really a problem. I have never ever seen advertising for the morning after pill so every now and again I plaster my Facebook wall with the info and remind people to pass it on.’

Story 2:

Good – but expensive 

‘It was a good experience. I wasn’t 100% certain if I needed it, just with where I was in my cycle, it cost €35 which was a bit pricey so I didn’t want to take it in case I didn’t needed it, the sales assistant offered for a pharmacist to talk to me to see if I needed it or not. The pharmacist brought me into a consultation room, she was lovely, very professional and non judgmental, she went through the dates with me and said that I wouldn’t need it, which thankfully I didn’t. I found it very helpful and that I was treated with respect and  not shamed. The only thing was the price €35 was very expensive, should I have needed it, I thought it might be a hindrance to people who didn’t have the money, they might be more likely to risk it and not take it.’


‘Was very expensive and I felt like they were a bit condescending but I was just glad to not go to the doctor for it’


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