Anti-contraceptive pharmacy survey – our response


4th April 2014
Re(al)-Productive Health respond to a recent nationwide survey by Human Life International distributed among Irish pharmacies regarding the sale of contraceptives:

The survey, which likened the sale and use of contraceptives to “chemical warfare used on children in the Middle East” sought to “map pharmacies that do not dispense abortifacients/contraceptive products”.

 The information detailed in this survey is entirely inaccurate. Condoms, emergency contraception, the contraceptive pill and the IUD are not abortifacients, i.e. they do not terminate an already implanted pregnancy. In specific relation to emergency contraception, the IFPA as well as many other health organisations internationally have stated it does not cause abortion.

This said, Re(al)-Productive Health, as an explicitly pro-choice campaign, believes women who choose to prevent or terminate their pregnancies are entitled to truly accessible healthcare.

In addition, the overwhelming body of medical research has found such contraceptives to be safe.

Moreover, a woman’s informed choice is hers alone and should not be subject to the scrutiny of a minority-held regressive agenda.

● The active seeking-out of pharmacies with the intention of encouraging restricted access to essential healthcare servives lies in absolute contradiction to the notion of non-judgemental, autonomous and progressive healthcare.

● In an Ireland on the verge of securing abortion legislation, it is imperative that we continue to challenge the dissemination of such damaging myths and tactics of intimidation. We must reinforce the concept of autonomy and evidence-based healthcare.

Re(al)-Productive Health


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