Re(al)-Productive Health is a working group which specifically aims to  promote access to emergency hormonal contraception, or ‘the morning after pill’ in Ireland, and to improve reproductive rights and well-being more broadly for those living here.

We believe that the full availability and access to emergency contraception for those living in Ireland is hugely significant in terms of securing those real reproductive rights which have often been overlooked. Now is the time to assess and seek to improve all arenas of reproductive and sexual freedom. And we can do so in a tangible, productive way.

Emergency hormonal contraception (NorLevo) was made available without prescription in pharmacies in Ireland in 2011 – a fantastic step in the right direction. But have all barriers to access truly been broken? If not, how can we break them?

So, contribute to Our Campaign to secure and facilitate such rights. Map your ‘morning after pill’ experience. Describe your Experience in accessing emergency contraception over the counter in more detail. Write an Article/blog for us on an issue you feel needs to be addressed. Join us as we continue the fight for reproductive rights in Ireland.

– Check out our policy document on emergency contraception in Ireland –

Emergency : Contraception in Ireland

Sign our petition to end conscientious objection to emergency contraception in pharmacies. 

– Check out our videos –

Real experiences of accessing emergency contraception in Ireland 

The Morning After Pill – your rights in Ireland

Who are Re(al)-Productive Health?

Re(al)-Productive Health is made up of a small collective of young women living in the Dublin area with backgrounds and strong interests in reproductive and social justice.

Re(al)-Productive Health is a strongly pro-choice group and supports the legislation of safe abortion on request in Ireland. We welcome stories on abortion and support the work of other organisations who demand full reproductive rights in Ireland. Both our campaign and website are, however, sharply focused on access to emergency hormonal contraception, or ‘the morning after pill’. As such, most of the content on the site reflects this.

Thanks to Cian Brennan for our artwork. See more of his work here 


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